Places to visit in Leh in 2021

4 lesser-known places to visit in Leh in 2021

Have you visited Leh yet? Have you visited all places there? Are you planning to visit Leh Ladakh this year? If yes then there are many undiscovered places that you usually don’t visit. We will discuss 4 lesser-known places to visit in Leh in 2021. Leh Ladakh is known for its beauty. Many Bollywood movies have been shot there.

A famous movie is 3 idiots. People find this place the most peaceful place and you can visit this place by bike, bus, and car. You can also get a car and bike for rent. If you are planning to visit by bus then you can book the ticket from Delhi. The bus route is from Delhi to Leh and the approximate fare for this trip is 1600/-. The total time taken for this trip is approx 32 hours and these days, the bus travels from Atal Tunnel and thus the distance has been removed by 32 kilometers.

Leh – Ladakh is the most visited location of India and from last some years, the tourism has increased there. Many of us usually visit some famous places but if you have time then you should also visit these 4 lesser-known places too.

4 Lesser-known places to visit in Leh

1.) Basgo:

Basgo is a place which is located in Ladakh. This place is approx. 40 km away from Leh. There is a Buddhist Monastery located which is also known as Basgo or Bazgo Gompa. The basgo town is situated on the bank of the famous river Indus. In this location, you will find two huge statues of Maitreya Buddha and Jamyang Namgyal King. These two statues are 14 meters each.

places to visit in Leh in 2021 - No. 2

How to reach:-

  • You can reach basgo by bus. They will charge approx. 50-60 rs for this trip.
  • You can reach by hiring a private taxi too. They will charge approx. 1600-1800 for this trip.

 Best time to visit: April to October

2.) Turtuk:

Turtuk is a village which is situated in the Nubra Valley. This place is approx 205 km away from Leh and approx. 2.5 km away from the line of control between India and Pakistan. Turtuk is located on the banks of the Shyok River. This village was part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir but in 1971 Major Chewang Rinchen got the village under India.

places to visit in Leh in 2021 - Turtuk

How to reach:-

  •   You can reach this place by bus. The buses operate bi-weekly. The approximate time to reach this destination is approx 7-8 hours.
  •   You can use private taxis and shared taxis to reach this destination.

Best time to Visit: April to September

3.) Sumur:

Sumur is a quiet place and a lesser-known place. The village is situated in Nubra Valley. Sumur is well built and maintained monastery. There is a hot spring where you can take bath. This spring is located approx. 20 km away from Sumur village. aim this monastery, you will see that the inside wall has really beautiful wall paintings and the paintings made on different fabrics depicting religious symbols.


How to reach:-

  • You can visit this place by hiring a person taxi or shared vehicle.

Best time to visit:- June to September


If you are planning to visit Leh then you must visit GURUDWARA PATHAR SAHIB. It is the most beautiful and peaceful Lesser-known place to visit in Leh. The gurudwara is situated 25km away from Leh. This was built in 1517. In the 16th century, guru Nanak dev has traveled to Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet. On his return, he stayed rear to Leh and that’s the place at which GURUDWARA PATHAR SAHIB stands today.
At present, the Punjab and Sikh regiment of the Indian Army maintains Gurudwara Pathar Sahib.

places to visit in Leh in 2021 - No. 1

How to reach:

  • You can reach this place by private car or by taxi.
  • You can reach this place by bus too.
  • Another way is to reach by flight. The nearest airport is Leh. From there, you have to hire a taxi or you can go by bus too.

Best time to Visit: May to October

These are our best 4 lesser-known places to visit in Leh in 2021. There are so many other places too but these 4 are the ones which should be visited for sure.

If you are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh then there will be some questions which will be in your mind. Let’s have a look at some of these faqs.


What is the best time for leh ladakh tour?

The best time for this tour is from April to October.

What are famous places to visit in ladakh in June?

There are so many places which you can explore in June. Some of these are Nubra valley, Pangong Tso etc.

Is there any flight from Leh to Delhi?

Yes, there is flight service from Leh to Delhi.

Can we get bike on rent in Leh?

Yes, you can get bikes on rent in Leh. There are a number of bikes from which you can choose your favorite one.

How we can reach Leh?

You can buy bikes on rent, you can take buses from Manali or you can reach through flight as well.

What is the distance between leh airport and ladakh?

The approx. distance between these two destinations is 8-9 kms.

What is the distance between Leh and Ladakh?

The approx. distance is 6-7 kms.

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