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PUBG Mobile India 2021 latest update

PUBG Mobile India

From last some months, Everyone is searching for PUBG Mobile India. There were rumours that this game will be back to India after March 2021 but now its seems impossible too. There has been no recent update from the PUBG game makers. The last update received from them was on November 2020 and after that, there is no such update from their end.

The FAU-G game (Fearless and United Guards) has been released in India on 26 January 2021. The game has received a lot of appreciation from Indian Users. There are some improvement AREAS for this game too. Many users complained that there can be an improvement in graphics too. With the coming updates, we can see a lot of improvements in this game too.


From last some months, many users asked which game is better: PUBG or FAU-G?

PUBG Mobile India
Image Source: PUBG Mobile India

We will tell you that these two games are completely different from each other. In PUBG, you will experience great graphics with large no. of users. In PUBG, you can play many game modes and the game is most popular in the whole world. The game size is also in GB. You cannot play this game on every smartphone due to large game size and graphics.

On the other hand, FAU-G is launched last month and a new game which has been made in India and is a tribute to Indian Army officers. The graphics of the game is better than other games but still need some improvement. There are less no. of modes which can be played the users. However, there is less number of users who have downloaded this game. As time passes, with some updates, w can see a lot of improvement in this game too.

Both the games are different from each other and hence there can be no comparison done between these two games.

Will PUBG Mobile India come back?

There were rumours that PUBG Mobile India can come back to India before 2020 but due to some reasons, the date was changed to march 2021. But still, there is no clearance given by the government of India. According to the resources, The banned app or game cannot come back just by changing the name. The app needs to be reviewed again and it will take some time. Still, there is no guarantee that the game can come back again.

So , we still need to wait for the official announcement but as of now, it seems very difficult for the PUBG Mobile India Game.

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